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Sessions & Prices

Free initial consultation

If this is your first Reiki treatment, we’ll start with an initial consultation, done via a phone call, or by email or text/Whatsapp message.

This is completely free of charge. 

FREE 15 minute consultation

Before your first treatment, book an initial 15 minute consultation with me. This session is free for every new client.


45 minute Reiki session

45 Minutes 3/4 Body Distance Reiki Treatment.

This includes your head, torso and either your legs or your back. 

During your treatment I will balance your seven Chakras.


1 hour Reiki session

1 hour Full Body Distance Reiki Treatment.

This includes your head, torso, back and legs.

During your treatment I will balance your seven Chakras.


What to expect

from a Distance Reiki Healing Treatment

What happens during a treatment:

On the day of your appointment I will send you a message 10 minutes before, to remind you to get ready, either lie down or sit down comfortably and take 3 deep breaths.

I will connect with you using a Distance Reiki protocol, visualisation and intention.

During a 45 minute treatment I will place my hands for a few minutes at each position, starting with the top of your head, then your ears, eyes, throat, heart, stomach, abdomen sacrum, lungs, kidneys, hips, thighs, knees, shins and feet.

Plus a balancing of your seven Chakras.

To finish I will sweep your aura to remove negative energy and finally disconnect from you.

During a one hour treatment you have everything from the 45 minute treatment, plus your shoulders, upper, middle and lower back.

I will message you to let you know your treatment has finished. If you would like a phone call instead, please let me know.

If you are having a late night session I will message you the following morning, as I wouldn’t like to wake you and disturb a good night’s sleep.

How much Reiki should I have?

Reiki to give you a healthy energy balance

Healthy energy balance In my opinion daily Reiki treatments would be a benefit to us all. We absorb so much negative energy from our phones, computers, TVs, other people’s energy and many other sources, with few ways to release it.

Daily energy cleansing releases negative energy so it doesn’t have time to get stored and become toxic – helping our bodies stay healthy and illness free.

If you can not achieve daily treatments, once a week, once a month or 4 times a year would be good; after all, any Reiki Energy Healing is better than none.

I would advise that if you were to receive Reiki Energy Healing daily you would initially go through a 21 day energy cleanse, releasing years of stored negative energy.

Reiki for chronic conditions

Chronic conditions are of long standing (they have not developed overnight) and will likely  require long term treatment. Much Reiki healing will be needed to bring the body back to balance.

Depending on how you feel and how your body responds you could potentially have Reiki treatments every day. I would recommend to start on one treatment a week and then add more as time goes by. This gives your body time to get used to Reiki treatments and the clearing of toxins.

Most adults have toxic conditions which need to be cleared from the body before the healing can be completed, so a reaction occurs. This cleansing also brings discomfort, such as headaches, nausea or diarrhoea, as the body rids itself of this toxic material. These are positive signs that indicate the healing is moving forward.

Reiki for acute conditions

Acute cases such as accidents and sudden illness recover more quickly, often with one treatment, and the reactions are not so severe.

Unless there is a broken bone or surgery needed, I would recommend treatments every day at a minimum of seven days to preferable amount of twenty one days.

It will be necessary to treat the affected part, but also to release the shock from the adrenals in the back and give the complete treatment to vitalise the whole body. The more treatments received, the faster the recovery, especially if Reiki is started immediately.

Are there conditions that don’t respond to Reiki?

In essence Reiki is unlimited, drawing from the inexhaustible store of Universal Energy, yet there are times when it appears to not bring about a cure.

Diseases which have been diagnosed as “terminal” being in their latter stages usually will not be reversed. These are chronic cases and there is insufficient time to complete the healing; however, the transition is made easier by lowering stress and reducing pain and this can be a great comfort.

Reiki not remove birth defects, nor will it grow a new organ which has been removed surgically, but it will bring relief from the symptoms resulting from these conditions.

Two ways Reiki can be applied that you might be suprised by...

Emergency Reiki

Distance Reiki Healing is also great in an emergency situation, since a distance session can usually be scheduled with very little advance notice and helps the healing process straight away.

If you are booking emergency Reiki and this is your first booking, this will include a free 15 minute consultation before your 45 minute or 1-hour session.

Pet Reiki

Animals respond well to the healing energies of Reiki. Distance Reiki healing can be a good option for animals who are skittish about being with strangers, too hyper to sit still in a strange environment, or who have experienced injury, surgery or trauma (used to support vet treatment). You sit quietly in the room whilst your pet has Reiki.


What people are saying about my distance Reiki treatments

“To say that I was sceptical regarding distance healing would be an understatement, but how wrong was I. Thank you Viki for all your help and energy. I can honestly say I feel like a different person, happier and healthier.”

 Kirsty Bowd

“Viki gave me my first ever reiki experience and I can honestly say it was amazing. The energy I could feel during our session was pretty intense and I woke up the following day feeling a lot lighter. Viki has a natural talent and is definitely connected to the earth on a deeper level than most people. She is a people’s person and makes you feel really at ease from the moment she greets you with her beaming smile. I can highly recommend this treatment and look forward to my next session.”

 Emma Grattidge

“I fell on a slippery floor and broke my wrist and arm, it was very painful. As soon as it was set, Viki started sending me Distance Reiki treatments every day for two weeks. I felt the energy circling my wrist and sweeping motions up my arm towards my elbow. 

Each day the pain was less and I felt more comfortable, by day four I was able to sleep through the night without waking in pain and was delighted and amazed that I could touch my little finger with her thumb without any pain. 

All I can say is such a massive thank you to Viki, you have helped me heal quicker and with less pain, as someone who was new to reiki you explained how it works so well, I thought it was just for mind wellness. How wrong was I!”

Adele Bubear

I had a distance reiki session and it was mind blowing. What a release! Especially with the distance between us. It was like Viki was right next to me, I felt her presence, it was mind blowing. She has an incredible gift and such a natural healer. I highly recommend her and I for sure can’t wait for my next session. Thank you Viki.

Claire Morgan Edwards

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